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As well as the download links for bewareserv itself this page has download links for several programs that are likely to be used in conjunction with this most but not all of theese are open source (download links for closed source software do not link to sourceforge download servers)

Bewareserv version 2.2.0
This is the current stable release of bewareserv
win32 binary linux binary freebsd binary source code (zip) source code (bzipped tarball)

Beware ircd 1.4.6
The windows ircd on which bewareservs core is based
windows binary linux binary

Undernet ircu
The ircd which introduced P10 and one of the best unix ircds around
source tarball

Quakenet asuka 1.0.4
Ircu plus extra features added by quakenet
source tarball

Config file generator 2.1.rc5
this generates a set of config files for bewareserv lightweight and the ircd (either bewareircd ircu or asuka) it was written to help handle the large number of newbie setup queries in #bircd (on quakenet) :)
note : this is the first release of cfggen it is labled 2.1.rc5 after the version of bewareserv current at the time of it's introduction
note : cfggen-2.1.rc5-linux file is just a straight linux binary just download it make it executeable ( with chmod ) and run it
source win32 binary linux binary